Levels of Training

The School and Class Levels are determined by age not experience -

Primary Grades - for 3-6yrs, they are taught General Dance. This involves ballet exercises with a more creative and playful structure encouraging free movement. Their focus is developing confidence, discipline and listening skills in the classroom.

Junior School - for 7-10yrs, formal Ballet classes are taught with the focus on technique and strength. Jazz and Character styles are now taught to keep classes fun and energetic while increasing dance experience.

Senior School - for 11 & 12yrs, with 2 years in Elementary students are taught Syllabus and Open classes to increase memory capacity and build knowledge of steps. This class also takes on modern/contemporary styles and begin Pointe work in the 2nd year.

Duprada Dance Company - Students from the School progress to this level of training when they have adequate skills. The Company is a student based Company with the focus on fine tuning technique and educating how a ballet company is run with the ability to take on Full-time dance study if needed.

For a student to consider a career in the Arts Industry they need as much information as possible to make an informed choice. With 2-3 Performances per year and regular external education we aim to give our teenage students the tools to consider their future goals.

Adult classes are available and focus on exercising and stretching using basic ballet skills. This is a Casual or term based class for Beginners and former dancers who are looking to enhance their exercise program.

Class Level Method Level Age/School year
Primary Grade Level 1 Play Dance N/A
Level 2 Pre-Primary Pre-school
Level 3 Primary Transition
Level 4 Grade 1 Yr 1
Junior School Level 5 Grade 2 Yr 2
Level 6 Grade 3 Yr 3
Level 7 Grade 4/5 Yr 4
Senior School Level 8 Intermediate Yr 5
Level 9 Intermediate/Level 1 Vaganova Yr 6
Duprada Dance Company Corps de Ballet - Senior Artists Level 2-5 Vaganova Yr 7 -12+